15-Metre Michael Jackson Gundam Almost Destroyed Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the most horrible place on earth, so I'm almost sad it wasn't destroyed by a 15-metre robot Michael Jackson wanted to build in his image that would stomp around the desert. No, I'm not making this up.

In 2005, Jackson planned a series of shows in Las Vegas and planned, among other spectacles, a 15-metre mecha that would terrify people flying into McCarran airport as an advertisement for his show.

When he couldn't find enough money, he downscaled the idea to a Godzilla-sized robot that would stand at the entrance of a casino, with a moving face that shot lasers.

Because the money never materialised and Michael moved away, it never got built. Oh, what a spectacular doom that would have been, drunken frat boys crushed by a giant moonwalking robot. [The Guardian]

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