12 Years Ago Today, Bill Gates Showed Up At A Jobsnote

Remember this? When Steve had to put a live feed of Bill Gates up in front of a seething mass of fanboys in exchange for $US150 million to save Apple from certain death?

It happened back on August 6, 1997. The video is pretty amazing to watch when we've got more recent and triumphant Apple keynotes to compare it to. When was the last time the crowd seemed ready to jump on stage and beat Steve up?

And you've just got to love the reaction to a huge, Big-Brotheresque Gates appearing above Jobs, swooping in to the rescue.

And who could have predicted where things would go from there? 12 years later and Apple sure doesn't need any help from Uncle Bill. Also, Steve no longer wears those stupid vests. [9 to 5 Mac via CrunchGear]

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