10 Of Your Nerdiest T-Shirts

Yesterday I asked you to show us your most shamefully nerdy t-shirt—and you delivered. There were tons of great ones, but in the end I picked 10 that just made me laugh.

Troy Foster: One my math club at uni sold. The back said check out this asymptote with a graph of y=-abs(1/x)

armyofchuckness: When time travelling worlds collide.

VSyris: This is my best shirt by far, though I cant seem to find it. I think the GF stole it.

rms2219: Bought this from shirt.woot about a year ago...love it.

calameda: This is mine from Tee Fury.

Gawd: I have a few but this one always makes people smile. A couple of Stormtroopers taking a urinal break.

Liquidus: Two

David Vong: yup GItEmSteveDave_Deal: @David Vong: I have this one as well. For those that don't know, it says Kick Me.

OG Phenix

Scuba Steve: You nerds be slippin.

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