10 Gadgets That Make Nerds Comfortable On A Beach

In most cases, a nerd standing on a beach is like the Queen of England standing on stage at a strip club. It just isn't right. However, these 10 gadgets can make you feel more at home.

I don't think I need to explain the merits of a drivable beer cooler to anyone—much less nerds used to a sedentary lifestyle. The Cruzin' Cooler can hit speeds of 24kph with a payload of 24 350ml cans on board. [Cruzin' Cooler via Link]

The Grinch Winch features a tow rope and a 7HP engine that will hurl you head on into the surf. [Distortionboarding via Link]

I would hope that you are smart enough to generously apply SPF 50 sunscreen to that pasty body of yours, but you still might need a backup to prevent overexposure to the sun. The Minox Suntimer monitors UV rays and sounds an alarm when it thinks you've had enough. [Optix Planet and Link]

For the gadget fanatic, it's not enough to merely admire the underwater landscape, it must be recorded. Thanko's underwater video camera (25fps QVGA) is small enough to mount on a pair of goggles. [Link]

Of course you brought your laptop to the beach. As sad as that is, the LapDome was tailor made for people like you. Basically, it's a mini tent for your laptop that protects it from the elements while shielding the screen from from that unfamiliar fiery orb in the sky. [LapDome via Link]

When a simple beach chair just won't do, the Astone inflatable massage chair will provide a more luxurious solution. In addition to the vibrating massage pads, the chair also features a dock for your iPod, speakers and a handy remote control. [Axpertz via Link]

In keeping with your nerdy sensibilities, this unique surfboard was designed by Thomas Meyerhoffer—a guy that spent time working at Apple and was a driving force behind the design of Chumby. [Myerhoffer via Link]

If you are going to be out in the sun, you are going to need a pair of sunglasses. This Calvin Klein model look a bit Blues Brothers, but it does feature 4GB of storage. [Link]

It's a shark! It's a submarine! No, it's some fat guy wearing a Superman wetsuit. If you can imagine it, the guys at Wetwear Custom Wetsuits can make it. [Wetwear]

When you are a guy and you have a set of man jugs like this, do us all a favour and wear a man bra with a t-shirt over it. [Link]

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