10 Gadgets That Help You Cheat At Sports

The way I see it, there is only one way to overcome your complete lack of athleticism. No, not hard work and dedication — I'm talking about gadgets. These 10 products will help you play like a champ this summer.

Face it, you could barely slip a playing card between your feet and the ground on a vertical jump. Poweriser spring-loaded boots can give you a vertical leap of up to 1.8 metres and run strides of up to 2.7 metres. Just imagine what you could do on the basketball court. Check out the product page to see it in action. [Powerisers]

Of all the sports out there, golf is probably the one you need the most help with. Titanium drivers have revolutionized the sport, but the Air Force One driver from PowerBilt takes things a step further with compressed nitrogen. Filling the clubhead with nitrogen at 150 psi allows you to reduce the thickness of the face and increase the size of the sweet spot — and increased flex in the clubface means greater distance. Surprisingly, this club even meets USGA guidelines. [PowerBilt via Link]

When it comes right down to it, putting is really at the core of a good golf game. The Argon Laser Putter helps give you an edge in that area with a three-laser targeting system. [Argon Putter via Link]

The Vector O Bat blends the finest in wiffle technology with space age alloys to generate better aerodynamics, faster bat speed and greater distance. [Reebok via Link]

Designed for the three big football leagues (England's Premier League, Spain's La Liga, and Italy's Serie A), Nike's T90 Ascente is the most advanced football $US140 can buy. The secret is in a three-layer construction that basically turns the entire ball into a sweet spot. [Nike via Link]

Wooldand creatures won't know what killed them when you are sporting a TAC-15 crossbow. It mounts directly onto an AR-15 rifle, allowing you to switch between both weapons quickly and easily. [PSE via Link]

Until these high tech bodysuits like the LZR Racer are officially banned from major swimming competitions starting next year, athletes are going to continue to break world records at an alarming rate. [Speedo]

I don't see a Tour de France in your future, so why work so hard with all that pedaling? The Sanyo Enloop carbon fibre electric bike handles that problem for you and can keep you going for up to 100 kms on a single 3.5 hour charge. [Sanyo via Link]

Spend less time fishing and more time getting drunk with this radio-controlled chum boat. Not only does it drop feed and a bait hook up to 290 metres away, it also has a built-in fish finder that relays information to your handheld remote. [Pro Idee via Link]

Team building my ass — show your co-workers who is really the boss on your next paintball excursion by building a turret. This beauty can mow down your enemies with a firing rate of 34 balls per second. It can even be controlled with a HUD from up to 0.8 kms away. Hit the following link for the complete instructions on how to build one yourself. [Inventgeek]

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