10 Extreme Cameras For Taking Impossible Shots

10 Extreme Cameras For Taking Impossible Shots

Modern consumer cameras can manage almost anything you throw at them, but sometimes even the swankest DSLR just won’t do. In photography, when the conditions get crazy, the cameras get crazier.

Here are ten cameras designed to capture the kinds of images that humans by all means shouldn’t be able to see, and that you and I will probably never have the opportunity — or need — to shoot.

Lot of pressure on this blocky guy: NASA excitedly sent modified Hasselblad 500ELs to the moon along with the Apollo 11 astronauts, only to find out, through those bulky custom Carl Zeiss lenses, that nobody was home. BOOOORRIIINNNGG.

1920-chic shooter

Surface Stereo Imager

ORCA Eye in the Sea camera system

Ultima APXspectacular and/or terrifying purposes

Actually, it is an aircraft hangar

laughing at itImmersive MediaPopSci

Lenox Firesight PultzexactlyPan-STARRS PS1

Sayaka Endoscope