Zubbles Are World's First Stainless Coloured Bubbles

Scientists believe that bubbles are made of sugar, spice, and everything nice. Or maybe they don't, but I do. These are called Zubbles, and they are the world's first stainless colour bubbles. Summer blowin' on the beach, here I come.

Zubbles were invented in 2005, but they were in commercial limbo until now. Kids and adults can now buy two bottles for $US15 at the Zubble web site.

Bubbles are the most popular toy on Earth—even bigger than Lego—with 200 million bottles sold annually. Stainless coloured bubbles where believed to be chemically impossible, but inventor Tim Kehoe spent 15 years and $US3 million making his daydream a reality. Hopefully, they will work out for him, because I like zubbles. I like plain bubbles too. And I love Bubble Toes:

[Zubbles via Discovery via Infoaddict—Thanks Rosa!]

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