Zgrip IPhone Pro Stabiliser: A Bit Too Nice For Even The iPhone

Make no mistake: The Zacuto Zgrip iPhone Pro is completely ridiculous. I mean, it's a $US300 iPhone handgrip. But pro video shooters—should they be shooting iPhone 3GS video for some strange reason—will appreciate all the options.

Featuring a fully articulating head, the Zgrip has mounts for an optional LED fill light and higher quality stereo audio recorder. Even with these options, however, it's far too expensive given that there's no true image stabilisation going on beyond an easier way to hold the iPhone. If this were a handheld steadicam (allowing you to recreate the Star Wars speeder bike chase), it might be tempting at $US300. But as of right now it's really just a very, very nice holder.

In the future, Zarcuto will be releasing a non-pro version of the Zgrip that's promised to cost far less money. Good call, Zarcuto. [Zarcuto]

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