Xbox 360 Update Gallery

Here are the major points of the Xbox update, illustrated in gallery form.

Game ratings. Instead of rating by using the D-Pad to scroll over, it has you press the A button multiple times to increase the star count. Kinda clumsy.

Community games are now called Indie games

Lots of weird titles that don't get a lot of coverage in here

Game saves now have timestamps on them so you can see when you saved them (for easier deletion)

The Avatar Marketplace, where you can pay money for clothes

Mixing and matching clothing from different games will be fun, like this pirate telescope from Monkey Island

Or this eyepatch (good for telescoping with)

Or this male-friendly outfit

320 points for this Halo RC Warthog. That's $US4

The game "styles" so far

You'll get avatar rewards (shirts, props) by playing games

Fable 2's wardrobe

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