Worms For IPhone: Same Game, Worse Controls

You're probably familiar with Worms by now. About 20 versions of the game have been released for every platform under the sun, so it was inevitable that it would show up for the iPhone.

Unfortunately, the iPhone is a terrible platform for it. Worms is a game that's all about precision; you've gotta be able to control your worms and their weapons exactly to be successful at it, and precision movement of tiny characters is not something the iPhone's touchscreen excels at. There's just no way you can swoop in with a jetpack, drop a stick of dynamite and then fly to a ledge for safety before it blows up. Without tight, precise controls, it feels like trying to build a Lego set with oven mitts on.

Which is too bad, because for $US5 you basically get the full original Worms game that you'll pay $US10 for from Xbox Live Arcade. There's a full campaign mode, challenges and a versus mode (that requires passing the phone back and forth). But none of it is worth a damn when you end up blowing yourself up or walking off a cliff every other turn because of near-unusable controls.

Want to play Worms? Go get Worms 2: Armageddon, which came out on Xbox Live Arcade last week. Because this just isn't worth the frustration. [Worms (iTunes Link)]

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