Windows 7 Home Premium Will Have A Family Pack

Ed Bott of ZDNet finds this M&M buried inside the horrible trail mix that is the Windows 7 Home Premium End User licence Agreement: there's going to be a Family Pack.

That's it. There's going to be a family pack for three users. Nobody knows what the pricing will be, but Apple's family pack pricing is $US199 for five users. Only three (Mum, Dad and Junior) can use Windows 7, so theoretically it should be lower than $US199. But when you look at the pricing for a standalone one-user copy of Home Premium, it's $US120 for an upgrade and $US200 for a full version. So somewhere between $US120 and $US199 for an upgrade Family Pack, and somewhere between $US200 and infinity for a retail Family Pack. [ZDNet]

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