Why Apple Will Probably Keep Doing Business With Foxconn After iPhone Leak Death

Whatever role iPhone builder Foxconn played in 25-year-old Sun Danyong's death after a prototype iPhone he was entrusted with went missing, they will likely not pay the highest of prices: Losing Apple's business.

Analysts in the components industry tell DigiTimes that Apple won't switch to a different supplier because "product development involves collaboration on technologies that cannot be easily transferred to other makers."

So, for the same reasons that the stakes are so very high for Foxconn—the forces that essentially killed Sun Danyong—are the same reasons that Foxconn likely won't pay very dearly for their role in the tragedy. From a business perspective, one life is not worth years of secrets, hundreds of millions of dollars.

Which makes his death even more senseless than it already was. He didn't die over a phone, but for something more, and at the same time, far, far less. [DigiTimes]

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