When Aeroplane Stewardesses Were All Glamour And Sex Appeal

I just returned to NYC from Madrid. I slept all the way here, so I didn't notice the cramped seats, the bad food, the terrible movie, and the bad uniforms of the stewardesses. Back in 1979, I would have noticed.

Look. I know that nowadays they are called "Flight Attendants." And I know that this sounds sexist but, is there any frikkin' reason why female flight attendants wear the most horrible suits now? Do long legs interfere with the aeroplane avionics? Perhaps short skirts mess up the ILS? Are the dreadful hairdos and make up bad for the fly-by-wire system?

Back in 1979—when I was seven—I flew to Sweden in SAS. I was eight, yes, but I still remember the blondes, their eyes, and their smiles. They were the women who hosted the Golden Age of aeronautics, being professional, attentive, sympathetic, and yes, absolutely sexy. Here you have some of them:

[Images from Dark Roasted Blend]

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