What's At The Top Of Your Gadget Wishlist?

Something strange happened to me this afternoon. I realised that for the first time in a long time, there wasn't a mad, driving itch to buy the latest and greatest gadget. It's not that I don't want to buy new toys to play with, it's more that the key gadgets I've always lusted after are already in my possession...

Which is weird for me. I've always had a wishlist for gadgets, and over the past year or so I've been checking them off, one-by-one. And now, the top of my list is a NAS, which is hardly the kind of sexy gadget you want to show off to all your non-techy family and friends.

But it got me wondering – what kind of gadgets are Giz readers lusting after? And not just in a "that-looks-great-I-must-own-it" kind of way, but in a "I-really-really-want-one-of-those-to-make-my-life-complete" kind of way. Is it a new HDTV? A new smartphone? A USB humping dog? Let us know in comments.

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