Walt Mosspuppet: "Gizmodo Makes Me Want To Vomit In My Mouth!"

Walt Mossberg, that wrinkly goateed goblin hired by the Wall Street Journal for some reason, is known as the world's most powerful Apple fanboy, at least to him. The latest Mosspuppet video, featuring Muppet Mossberg, includes a not-so-friendly Gizmodo shout-out.

This is maybe a little insidery for those who don't read other tech journalism besides Giz (and really, why would you?), but Mossberg is known for playing up his close connection with Steve Jobs for product previews, being vastly inferior to the New York Times' David Pogue, and using the word "iPhone" more often than "Pre" in his supposed hands-on article about the Palm Pre. This video is a pretty spot-on skewering, though I'm no doubt swayed by my deep and unabashed love of all things Muppet.

The best part of the video? "I'm Walt Mossberg. Shut up!" Genius. [Fake Steve]

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