Virtual Cricket App Is More Interesting Than Watching Cricket

Virtual Cricket App Is More Interesting Than Watching Cricket
virtual-cricket-appThe only type of cricket I really care about are the cyborg ones that will rescue me in an earthquake, but this Aussie-designed Virtual Cricket iPhone app offers such comprehensive coverage of the sport that it had to get a run on Giz.

The $2.50 app offers ball by ball coverage of every match of cricket played at an international level, including the Ashes (and other Test matches), One-day internationals and Twenty20, plus the IPL and Indian Cricket League.

Also included in the app:

# Full live scorecards for International Tests and One Day Internationals (ODI), International Twenty20 (T20), Indian Premier League (IPL) and Indian Cricket League (ICL).
# Full live graphs for each match: manhattans, run rates and partnerships.
# Scorecards, highlights and ball-by-ball commentary integrated into the application: not just a link to the Cricinfo website.
# All match data updated and refreshed automatically (controllable through settings).
# Match data available for current, upcoming and the most recent past matches.
# Comprehensive news coverage from leading sources of cricket news around the world, not just Cricinfo, including leading cricket blogs and YouTube videos.
# Cricket Trivia Quiz with hundreds of multiple-choice questions available and continually refreshed.
# Full offline browsing for previously viewed match scores and comments, news and the quiz.
# Comprehensive settings to enable you to control the behaviour of the application.

While even reading about cricket is like weightlifting with my eyelids, the video below of the app in action was pretty interesting.

If you happen to find cricket more than a sure-fire cure for insomnia, you can grab the Virtual Cricket app from the App Store.

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