Vintage Desk Coughs Up Vintage General Electric Abacus

Those young whipper snappers back in 1979 couldn't hold a candle to this archaic computational device, the abacus. Gizmodo 600 BC, anyone?

Reader Robin says this little guy was hiding out in the drawer of a recent vintage purchase:

My wife, Deborah, recently bought a secretary style vintage desk from an estate seller. In one of the drawers along with some staples & glue was this little abacus. It's about 2 x 4 inches. Thought you might enjoy seeing this - no clue of it's history or age & I don't see anything about it searching google.

Personally, I love the simple juxtaposition of the label. An abacus, one of the oldest counting tools on the planet, with a General Electric "Computer Department" label on the side? Classic Retromodo. [Thanks, Robin]

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