V-Screen Adds Faux 3D To The PSP

RealView Innovations' mysterious V-Screen certainly looks interesting, but does it really deliver a portable 3D experience?

"The innovation uses special optical components in unconventional ways," states Eamonn Ansbro, an Optical Engineer who is co-Executive Director of RVI. "No software, electronics or headgear is required. Nonetheless, the optical results are astonishing." Continued Ansbro: "The video game industry is a perfect fit for our technology. The V-Screen offers consumers a tremendous leap forward in optical enhancement."

Yes, it's a gadget, and it does things...special things. Don't question it's power! Just trust in the knowledge that the V-Screen is a special, earth shattering innovation that will take portable gaming, and your life, to highs that can scarcely be imagined with your puny human minds. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until September to find out if this thing actually does something interesting, or if it is just a glorified magnifying glass. [Ars Technica]

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