$US10,000 USB Drive Makes Life More Difficult, Destitute

Mnemosyne's $US10,000, 16GB USB drive is housed inside a puzzle that must be solved to physically get to the memory within. Apparently simple encryption is just too middle-class for anybody rich enough to afford this thing.

"Mnemosyne," in Greek mythology, is the personification of memory, which you of course did not know, and that's why you'll never be able to afford this USB drive. We sort of understand the impulse to create a physical barrier to accessing data, but one of the many things about this product that's puzzling is that reassembling the puzzle is just as difficult as unravelling it in the first place.

Mnemosyne wants to emphasise the "value of memory," so maybe the value of money doesn't really show up on their radar. [Mnemosyne via Crunchgear]

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