Urwerk's 'King Cobra' UR-CC1 Watch Makes Time Go Even Faster

Urwerk, the same company that brought us the ridiculously cool UR-202 are back with a new watch appropriately titled "King Cobra."

Inspired the obscure Patek Philippe Cobra prototype watch from 1958, the King Cobra accounts for time like a high performance sportscar barrels through a speedometer.

On the UR-CC1, there are two horizontal indications displayed by two cylinders: one for the (jumping) hours and a retrograde cylinder for the minutes. The seconds are displayed by a rotating disk on the dial. The UR-CC1 is the result of more than three years of research, development, production and testing to ensure that the rotation and instant fly-back of the large hour and minute cylinders was achieved without compromising accurate timekeeping.

Like most watches of this calibre, expect quantities to be low and prices to be outrageous. [Urwerk via Watchismo and Watch Happening via Oh Gizmo]

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