Undocumented Improvents In The Pre WebOS 1.1 Update

With all the hubbub surrounding the renewed syncing with iTunes 8.2, it's easy to forget all the other goodies Palm packed into the WebOS update. Update 1.1 offers new audio notifications that have a richer tone, though users are still unable to changes sounds themselves.

Animated drop down and context menus have also been added to WebOS and result in a more fluid. In addition to aesthetic changes, Palm has improved the functionality of several applications—the photo app has been much improved with noticeably faster photo rendering. Javascript Interpreter performance upgrades were included with the update and seem to make everything on the phone a bit speedier, great news for Pre users. Palm also addressed owner complaints by improving auto-complete functionality and adding a more comprehensive dictionary. The update isn't without its drawbacks though; some users have been lamenting the loss of the key combination that quickly opens a new card. Overall, the update was well thought out and dramatically improve usability overall—hit the link to check out all the changes. [Pre Central]

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