Tsera Sues Apple, Microsoft… Everyone Else For Touchpad Tech

An obscure company has filed suit in a copyright infringement-friendly Texas district against Apple and several other companies it for what it contends is—wait for it—copyright infringement related to touchpad technology.

The iPhone and iPod-related lawsuit, filed Wednesday, also includes Microsoft (Zune), Cowon (Curve), iRiver LG, high end speaker firm Bang & Olufsen, Philips and even iPhone clone manufacturer Meizu. There are 20 defendants named in all.

The lawsuit states that all 20 defendants have in one form or another abused a 2003 patent (left vague in the lawsuit) that “recognizes different swipe movements on a touchpad without having to provide visual feedback or to look at the player to understand what’s taking place.”

Tsera says it wants plain old money and “enhanced damages” from Apple for misuse of the patent. Good luck with that. [Apple Insider]