Toshiba TG01 Gets Super-Sensitive With Third-Party Motion Sensor

Folks at Usuda Research Institute and Systems Corp got tired of their Toshiba TG01s just not being sensitive enough. (Unlike that dreamy Wii MotionPlus!) So rather than calling it quits on the relationship, they built a super-sensitive motion sensor.

If you hit the link for a pair of videos, you'll see the DIY motion sensor in action. Those crazy tinkerers were able to make the attachment work by taking advantage of the TG01s USB host functionality, so this could be just one of the first examples of expansions for this gadget.

Yeah, maybe the motion sensor isn't very attractive and maybe using it to scroll through and zoom in and out of pictures isn't that exciting, but I'm giddy that there could be a "shake to refresh" function reactive enough for me to not look like an idiot while shaking my phone.

Oh! And the best part? The sleek and sexy TG01 has gotten through the FCC. [wmpoweruser via MobileCrunch]

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