Time Warp Backs Up Your Time Machine, Er, Backups To Amazon

One of the more interesting, ways to keep your precious Time Machine backups safe: Time Warp is a $US25 app (free while in beta) that compresses and encrypts your backups, then uploads them to your Amazon S3 account.

Amazon S3 runs 15 cents per GB to store, 10 cents per GB to upload, and 17 cents per gig to download. Sounds pricey, but Time Warp's developers say that you only pay for the storage you use (unlike services that are flat $US5 or $US10 a month) and the program's compression and smart filtering keep it cheap—so 20GB of data would actually only cost around $US1.50 a month.

How much are your Time Machine backs up worth to you? [Time Warp via TUAW]

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