Three Announces iPhone Pricing

Three Announces iPhone Pricing
iphone-3gs-comingThree’s just announced their iPhone 3GS pricing on their website in the lead up to them selling the phone later this week. The good news is that current 3 customers will be able to buy the iPhone over 24 months on their current plan without having to break contract.

There are 4 main plans on offer for people signing up to 3 for the new iPhone:
* $39 cap – $150 worth of calls, 150MB of data and $10/month for the 8GB 3G, $18/month for the 16GB 3GS and $24/month for the 32GB 3GS.

* $49 cap – $350 worth of calls, 250MB of data and $5/month for the 8GB 3G, $14/moth for the 16GB 3GS and $18/month for the 32GB 3GS. If you opt for either of the 3GS models, you’ll get an extra 500MB worth of data.

* $79 cap – $650 worth of calls, 1GB of data and a free 8GB iPhone 3G or 16GB 3GS, or $10/month for the 32GB 3GS.

* $110 plan – The works: 3000 minutes of calls, 500 SMS/MMS and 3GB6 of Mobile Internet every month. The 16GB 3GS is free or $5/month for the 32GB 3GS.

They’ve also got pre-paid on offer, with the iPhone 3G 8GB for $759, iPhone 3GS 16GB for $929 or the iPhone 3GS 32GB for $1,129. Pre-paid caps start at $29 a month (with 150MB of data) to $99 a month (with 2GB of data).

For current 3 customers, you can buy the iPhone hardware over 24 months, get a gig of data included and continue your current plan without breaking contract. The 8GB will cost $35/month, the 16GB $40/month and the 32GB $45/month.

Overall it seems pretty competitive, although I still think that Vodafone has the best value offer for the 3GS at the moment. Feel free to argue with me in comments…