This Nintendo Ad Out-Pervs Even My Honed Sensiblities

It's rare that, as an adult, I look at a sexually suggestive joke and don't quite get it. But it's even rarer that the ad would be from Nintendo's marketing department.

This vintage Nintendo ad was designed be Leo Burnett and ran in UK magazines like Loaded, FHM, and Viz. Apparently, I'm not alone in not quite grasping the ad's intention (I, for instance, interpret the ad as suggesting that preteen rapists may find the Game Boy Pocket an unnecessary distraction from early jail time) as the Advertising Standards Authority eventually pulled the ads because they "subjugated and humiliated" a restrained woman.

Besides, a better ad would be if the woman, subjugated and humiliated on the bed, was completely intent on playing the Game Boy Pocket. Right now, she's just horrified to be involved. We can all see that in real life. [daphaknee via tinycartridge via GoNintendo]

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