This Isn't A Litter Box, It's A Router

It's a $US2000 router, actually. Oh sorry, an outdoor $2000 router.

That's because Ruckus Wireless's ZoneFlex 7762 uses dynamic beam forming and adaptive meshing with wireless N. Dynamic beam forming, you say? Why yes. Ruckus says that its dynamic beam-forming antennae automagically find the best way to shoot the internet waves, so it has 3-4x the performance of other outdoor routers. It's supposedly able to keep going 150Mbps of bandwidth going at 1,000 feet between meshed node.

Oh, and it has a built-in heater, in case it gets cold (down to -40 degrees) and there are no blankets. Perhaps more pressing though: Would you buy a router from a company called Ruckus Wireless? [Ruckus Wireless via Cnet] ]

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