This 21-Gun Salute To America Blows Fireworks Away

This 21-Gun Salute To America Blows Fireworks Away

You want fireworks for the Fourth? Oh, I’ve got some fireworks for you—21 crazy boomsticks, in fact. All in honour of our nation’s 233 birthday.

Get fired up

A note about your second amendment rights

Busted Tees


Metal Storm takes you down in a hail of gunfire [Link]

The Navy’s Railgun fires a projectile at 5,640 mph—one-third of its potential power. [Link]

The Cornershot does exactly what you think it does.

Boeing recently conducted a successful test with an advanced tactical laser mounted on a modified C-130. [Link]


The Rubber Band Gatling Gun takes out co-workers with 40 band per second firepower. [Link]

Set your phasers to 1080p. [Link]

Vietnam shotgun bong is one shot, one kill for glaucoma.

The Doing Da Vinci team builds Leonardo’s 11-barreled cannon for the first time.

The MythBusters paintball gun creates instant artwork with 1100 barrels. [Link]

The Toilet paper cannon is the ultimate weapon in the prankster’s arsenal.

This water balloon bazooka can fire 12 fluid-filled rounds at once. [Balloon Bazooka]

People Who Shouldn’t Be Around Weapons

Watch and laugh as Poncherello gets tasered.

Grandma is armed to the teeth, and she’s got her eye on your toodles.

Skinny girls and big guns don’t mix.

Toy Guns

This hacked Nerf Vulcan Chaingun shoots 500 rounds per minute. [Link]

This fully automatic gun fires Lego ammunition.

This realistic Halo 3 Plasma Rifle features lights, sounds and recoil. It even vents when overheated. [Link]

Infrared Duck Hunter brings the classic NES game to life. [Latest Buy]

Weird Guns

The G.R.A.D 22-cal knife gun is two kills in one. [Link]

The world’s smallest pistol fires 2mm blank pinfire cartridges.

Grand Finale

Hot girls with guns.

[Image via Flickr; special thanks to Don the Intern for research assistance]