They'd Been Better Off Stealing Two Cans And A String

What is it with idiots and electronics today? First, some bone-headed German bargain hunters got swindled shopping for discount iPods. And now, down in Mexico, thieves are stealing hollow replica display case mobile phones.

Reports HuffPo:

Employees at a Telefonica Movistar cell-phone store in Morelia, Mexico say they arrived Tuesday morning to find that the store had been broken into. An examination of the shop revealed the only items missing were hollow replica phones for display that are completely useless for making calls.

Employees say the clueless thieves overlooked real cell phones and cash in another part of the shop.

Even though the hot goods are nearly worthless, detectives are still on the case, meaning these idiots could eventually serve some jail time for their hollow plastic haul. [Huffington Post - Thanks, Scotland]

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