The Week In IPhone Apps: Look Into Your Soul, Kid

The Week In IPhone Apps: Look Into Your <em>Soul</em>, Kid

This week in the App store, things got a little deep: We discovered haunting new sounds, created fine art, psychoanalysed our friends, read great literature, experimented with prescription drugs, and even reconnected with an estranged child. Your turn!

LayersSketchesa thing

Barnes and Noble eReadermegannouncementenough


PhonyPhoneBabies love iPhonesgo


Ghostly Discovery

MedscapeProbably notareapp for you

This Week’s App News On Giz:

Google Latitude for iPhone Is a Lame Web App Because Apple Thinks We’re Easily Confused

Kensington Nightstand Dock Converts iPhone Into Retro Alarm Clock

Half-Amazing, Half-Terrifying Concept App Combines Facial Recognition with Augmented Reality

The App Store Is Just Like the Civil Rights Movement, and Other Lessons We Can Learn From iFart

Don’t Expect a Huge Increase in Complexity Of iPhone Apps Any Time Soon

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit App Is as Close As You’ll Get to an Official iPhone Porn App

David Bowie Space Oddity iPhone App Lets You Remix the Thin White Duke Anywhere

• Public Radio iPhone App Adds On-Demand Content, Accidentally Kills FM Radio

Augmented Reality iPhone App Helps You Find Your Mommy

iPhone Icon Paperclips Appify Your Office Supplies

Universal Hopes You’ll Actually Watch Blu-ray Special Features If They’re iPhone Apps

Need Medicinal Cannabis? There’s an App For That

This list is in no way definitive. If you’ve spotted a great app that hit the store this week, give us a heads up or, better yet, your firsthand impressions in the comments. Have a good weekend everybody.