The South Korea Cyberattack Aftermath: We Are F*cked

Defense Tech has some interesting analysis of what happened with the North Korea's attacks on United States and South Korean government sites. Given Kim Jong Il's pathetic telecommunication infrastructure, their summary is both scary and kind of saddening.

To start with, the U.S. Government ignored the attack warnings and has admitted that they didn't handle the successful Distributed Denial of Service attacks properly. They assumed our defenses were going to work perfectly against a bunch of North Korean bozos. They were wrong:

The current U.S. defenses against cyber attack are woefully inadequate against even moderate level attacks as we have just experienced.

Since these attacks were routed or launched through systems in 16 countries, they recommend for the government and friendly countries to sign agreements on cyber warfare defence as soon as possible.

The most scary part is: How do you react to these attacks? The South Korean intelligence agency claims to have documents from the North Korean government ordering these electronic attacks. If that's the case, should the United States retaliate? Even while there is no smoke and physical mayhem, DDoS attacks can cause real damage in the virtual world and have the potential paralyse the economy.

The problem here is that an counter-cyberattack will have little effect on North Korea, as they are barely communicated. The other option is to use real bombs to respond to cyberattacks, like we saw before. I don't know what would happen, but these North Korean dudes better get their act together, because the future doesn't look good at all. [Defense Tech]

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