The Seven Types Of Employees You Meet At Best Buy

The Seven Types Of Employees You Meet At Best Buy

Have you ever noticed that no matter which Best Buy you go into, you end up seeing the same people working there? That’s because there are seven types of people that work at every single Best Buy, with no exceptions.

A little known fact about me is that I worked at Best Buy for a couple of years in high school before getting fired for badly, badly abusing the employee discount system. But while there I learned a lot about the types of people that work in such an establishment, and I’ve noticed the same people in other Best Buys that I’ve been to since. So here are my list of the seven types of people you’ll find there, from a former employee’s perspective.

AU: Even though this is for Best Buy, it’s still an entertaining read.

Illustrations by Dan Meth

Next time you go to Best Buy, be on the lookout. I promise you’ll see at least a couple of these characters.

Car Audio Thug

Marginally Cute Customer Service Girl

Grizzled Old Home Theater/Computer Sales Lifer

Pervy Geek Squad Guy

Sad Department Manager

Slick Careerist Manager

Terrifying Loss-Prevention Guy