Month In Windows Mobile Apps: AIM, Skype, Crayons, Compasses

Month In Windows Mobile Apps: AIM, Skype, Crayons, Compasses

Step up your messaging, have fun with physics, watch some weird TV, find your car, call your friends, later incriminate said friends—it’s all in a day’s month’s work for Windows Mobile.

Searchme: Searchme apps have been available for other mobile platforms—iPhone, Symbian and Android—for quite a while now, only now coming to Windows Mobile in free beta form. Searchme, for the vast majority of you who never stray from the comforting, safe embrace of Google, answers queries in screenshots of websites and various media, some of which can be played back in the results. Though the panel-based interface works best on the iPhone, the Windows Mobile version is far from ugly, and you may find it quicker for certain types of searches. Free.

TheChanner: A moderately useful mobile TV app saved by its price, TheChanner doesn’t have a particularly compelling selection of channels—they’re pipe through to your phone from a variety of preexisting free sources, though there aren’t many names that you’ll recognise. There are plenty to choose from, though, and a lot of them are fairly niche. The app itself is a bit glitchy, and as you’d expect, it’s a huge battery hog. Free.

GPS Spot

Skype 3.0before

AIM 2.0

Numpty Physics
Crayon Physics

Nimbuzz 2.0

Auto Call Recorder

This list is in no way definitive. If you’ve spotted a great app that hit the store this month, give us a heads up or let us know in the comments. Have a good rest of your weekend, everybody!