The iSaw Will Be The Bloody Apex Of USB Peripherals

The iSaw is not just a USB-powered chainsaw. It's also an extremely committed joke.

Go to their website and you'll discover the engineering mastery that goes into such a lethal USB device that includes "Instant plug 'n' play. Zero startup time. [And]Patent-pending technology [that]allows for an unparalleled distribution of power." You'll also note that the 3/8" saw chain is meticulously labelled as part no. 31170—an important point for industrial users.

I actually "pre-ordered" the $US59.95+shipping iSaw, which only required a social security number along with three credit cards and a cosigner. Luckily, I received order confirmation immediately:

Congratulations! You will soon be the proud owner of an i.Saw. We have taken note of your no-obligation pre-order. You will be contacted as soon as the i.Saw is ready. Payment will only be required just before shipment.

Please tell your friends about the world's first USB powered chainsaw.

At your service, i.Saw Team

Until my saw comes in, I'll enjoy the complimentary iSaw wallpaper available on their site. After my saw comes in, I'm gonna rule this place. [iSaw via Gadget Lab]

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