Will You Buy The Flip UltraHD?

Interesting fact: The PR company who looks after HTC in Australia also looks after Linksys by Cisco. And because Cisco recently purchased mini camcorder maker Flip, at yesterday's HTC launch, they were carrying around their own little Flip UltraHD. Which led me to wonder: does the Flip UltraHD excite you?

I know that for my line of work, I'm desperately seeking a little mini HD camera to record events live for you lot. I was tempted to just buy the Kodak Zx1, but with the upcoming Flip model I've been holding off on the purchase. But then again, I'm not your average punter, so it got me to wondering – are you excited by the prospect of a pocket sized HD camcorder? What would you use it for?

And on a more practical note, how much would you expect to pay for something like this? Would you grab it online if you could get it a bit cheaper or if you could customise it with your own logo or photo? Let us know in comments.

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