The Cloud Project Would Theoretically Make Ice Cream Fall Like Snow

The Cloud Project is a tricky little concept that would spray flavored condensation and liquid nitrogen into clouds, "seeding" them, and forcing flavored snow to fall from the heavens. It's pretty much straight of of a children's book.

The whole thing is purely conceptual for now; it involves certain bacteria and ice nucleation and a lot of other science-y sounding words and phrases I don't understand. What I do understand is the phrase "It will snow ice cream," and what I wish I didn't understand is "The technology is a long ways off." Don't be fooled by the existence of an actual Cloud Project van—it's purely for illustrative purposes, and only functions as a regular ice cream truck/science information centre.

Next up: Spaghetti. With a chance of meatballs. Get it? [The Cloud Project via Likecool

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