The Cheese That Almost Went To Space

Forget Apollo astronauts, forget space monkeys, forget teddie cosmobears, forget shuttle bats, and forget friggin'frozen Ronald McDonald. Tis the time for Space Cheese.

Today at 4AM GMT, this 300-gram (0.66-pound) piece of godspeedy Cheddar cheese launched in a weather balloon, tracked by a built-in GPS. Sadly, the mission—funded by the West Country Farmhouse Cheesemaker—only reached 29.9km into the upper atmosphere, failing to reach the International Space Station. Not that it was its objective, mind you, but it would have been nice to see the astronauts faces.

The bad news is that the GPS signal was lost, so now they don't have a clue about where it is:

The GPS isn't coming through on the web so we might need listeners' help to find it because we're not sure where it is at the moment.

The plot thickens. Maybe some aliens got it. Or some space rodent ate it. Or, most probably, someone out there, lost in the woods of England, is having a yummy sandwich. [BBC News]

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