T-Mobile's Samsung Highlight: Toy-Like Touchscreen Dumbphone

Presumably aimed at tweens who want one of those cool all-touch devices without paining their parents with a data plan, the Samsung Highlight features an admittedly cute design and a teeny touchscreen.

The touchscreen is an oddly-sized 1.61- x 2.64-inch capacitive display, though the handset does have a few hardware buttons on the bottom and sides. It's got a 3MP camera with video recording that apparently does a passable but not thrilling job, a microSD slot (under the battery, grah) and Samsung's TouchWiz UI that brings a few widgets (Facebook, weather) to the party. It comes in two colours, "Fire" and "Ice," though "Ice" is black for some reason (dangerous!). It'll be available sometime in July for $US150 on T-Mobile. [T-Mobile, image from MobileCrunch]

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