SUNA Traffic Now Getting Traffic Details From Taxis In Sydney

Waiting TaxisOn top of using the sensors in the roads to get the latest traffic information, the guys at SUNA are now monitoring Sydney taxis to get an even better look at how traffic is flowing. Although I hope they don't pay too much attention at changeover time...

Sydney cabs have been fitted with special GPS units which allow SUNA to monitor their location, route and travel time to improve the traffic notifications for subscribers to their service. Not sure how that works when there's a line of cabs lined up at a cab rank waiting for someone to hire them, but I'm sure the folks at SUNA would have thought of that.

On top of monitoring taxis, SUNA now also has access to 50 new traffic cameras across Sydney, courtesy of the RTA. Not sure where those 50 cameras are, but really, does it matter? It's just good to know that Intelematics, the peeps behind SUNA, are constantly trying to improve their service.

[SUNA Traffic]

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