Splitterbot Headphone Splitter Makes Sharing Music Even Cuter

Some gadgets scream out for an adorability upgrade, like netbooks or Roombas. Headphone splitters aren't exactly one of them, but Splitterbot is too cute to deny.

As much as there's nothing more adorable than sharing one pair of earbuds, one bud per person, sometimes you just gotta have the full stereo. Splitterbot is here to keep the cuteness factor up while retaining superior sound quality. You have to pop his head off to reveal the audio-in jack, and then the two pairs of 'phones are plugged directly into the little guy's eyes. That sounds way more grotesque than cute, now that I write it, but probably in practice it's not quite so gruesome. Splitterbot is available for $US16, because cuteness demands a slight premium. [Product Page via Nerd Approved]

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