Soon We'll Be Able To Search The App Store For More Than Exact Product Names

The iTunes App Store is somewhere near the bottom of list of good app discovery tools; one step above asking Jeeves, and about 20 below virtually any of the many app-review-cum-storefront sites. Apple's at least trying to fix this, apparently.

App developers have received a message passed down from on high, asking for their help. Snagged by Macrumors:

It is important to enter keywords for all applications as soon as possible so your application can continue to be successfully located on the App Store. Keywords can be updated with the submission of a new binary.

Developers are supposed to submit 100 characters worth of keywords, tags, categories, or whatever you want to call them, which should allow Apple to turn the applications section of iTunes into a little less of a cesspool. Or, more accurately, into a well-organised cesspool. As you'd hope, this is something they've been planning for a while now, and something they, better than we or anyone else, are positioned to actually fix. [MacRumors]

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