Sony Still Making Hi-Fis With Tape Decks

sony-tape-hifiDo you spend your weekends pining over boxes of mixtapes a lost love sent you back in the 80s, miserable that you have no way of listening to them any more? Well rejoice! you can now enjoy the crappy analogue quality of cassettes again with Sony's latest micro hifi, the CMTEH25. On top of having the latest tech from 1980, the CMTEH25 also features a top loading CD player, a built in radio tuner and a USB port that will playback MP3, WMA and AAC files. It costs $179.

Fortunately for those of us happy to be approaching 2010, Sony also has a couple of models that ditch the tape deck for an iPod dock. The CMTLX30iR and CMTBX20iB retail for $329 and $399 respectively, with the latter having 50W total power compared to the former's 10W, as well as the ability to use it as an alarm clock. All three units are available now.


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