Sony PCM-M10 Provides Some Pro Features At "Budget" Price

The next Cronkrite you certainly aren't, but this $US400 "pro-level" PCM-M10 recorder from Sony might give that semi-serious blogger gig you have based in the garage a bit more chutzpah when you're making interviews out in the field.

With the lower price point, the PCM-M10 is now the cheapest flash-based recorder in the Sony lineup. Another first is that the recorder is the first to feature a built-in speaker for playback recordings. One more first? The PCM-M10 is the first player in the line to produce MP3 files. Finally!

In other words, says blogger Brad Linder (who may or may not have interviewed Sony execs with this thing for his overview), this thing has all the same software features as the more expensive PCM-D50, except that reocrder checks in at roughly $US600. Oh, and there's the drawbacks to consider too at that price point. Mainly, cheaper materials, Linder says, especially in the area of the headphone jack and some of the plastics.

Still, seems to be quite the rig for the price. But you're still no Cronkite (and neither am I, for that matter). [Brad Linder]

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