Sonos Remote Goes Touchscreen; New System Bundle On Its Way

It's fair to say that everyone would've loved it if the last remote for the Sonos wireless media systems, the $US400 C100, had a touchscreen. It didn't. Years later, the CR200 does, but it might be a bit late.

Oddly enough, this is Sonos' fault in every possible way. We don't have any specs, price or features, but given how close to perfect the free iPhone app for Sonos is, this wireless controller may have a hard time competing as an add-on product, especially if it's priced above the $US229 baseline iPod Touch. In bundles, I suppose it'll do fine.

Speaking of which! Automated Home says the CR200 will be part of a spruced up Sonos system bundle:

The BU150 now changes to the BU250 which includes the CR200. There also is a slight colour change with the zoneplayers hardware to match the new controller but there are no technical changes & will still be named the ZP120 & ZP90

If that means anything to you, you probably know that this is a good thing. If not, then it's time to read up. [Automated Home via Engadget]

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