Snow Leopard 10A411 Seeded To Devs, Brings Minor Cosmetic Updates

Like the last few Snow Leopard builds released unto the world, 10A411 is billed as an under-the-hood enhancement; basically it is. But there are few noticeable upgrades scattered around, if you look reaaaall close.

Macrumors forums users, the dev-build-having, detail-discerning lot that they are, found a modest bounty. Quicktime X, seen below, gets a slightly overhauled interface, while the new, blackened contextual dock menus feature a slightly different font (above). Helpfully for Spaces users, Dock Expose now displays windows from all workspaces. On top of that, there's a new Safari build, though nobody seems to be able to find any differences from the last.

Nothing huge, but it's confirmation that Apple isn't done tweaking Snow Leopard's UI quite yet. Now, to you: Any upgraders seeing, feeling, or otherwise noticing anything new? [Macrumors]

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