Shure Over-the-Ear Headphones For Those Who Hate Brain Tickling

I've tried in-ear headphones and I just can't stand them. That's why I walk around like an 80s DJ nowadays, with big over-the-ear muffs and Rick James t-shirt. That's why Shure wasn't on my list of potential headphones until today.

Shure has always been famous for their in-ear headphones, which to me feel like they are tickling my brain. Their new SRH line has three models. The ones above these lines are the top of the line $US250 SRH840. According to Shure, they have 40mm neodymium dynamic drivers and are optimised "for studio recording and critical listening" with 102dB/mW sensitivity and 5 Hz - 25 kHz frequency range.

The $US125 Shure SRH240 also has 40mm drivers, 105 dB sensitivity (1kHz), and a 10 Hz - 22 kHz frequency range. The bottom model—the $US75 SRH240 only has a 20 Hz - 20 kHz range. [Shure via MacWorld]

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