Show Us How Bad You Need One Of These 10 Cable Management Solutions

If you have a tangle of cords and power strips behind your desk, you might want to consider one of these cable management solutions. And while you are at it, show us a picture of what your are dealing with.

If you have neatly organized your cables, feel free to show that in the comments too. Even if it's just zip ties, well-organized cabling can be like a work of art.

To be honest, this is my favourite solution on the list—so much so that I am planning on doing this one myself. Going to your local hardware store and picking up a rain gutter and accessories then installing it under your desk or along the wall is a cheap and effective DIY solution. [Lifehacker via Link]

Cablox adhesive pads stick to the bottom of your desk, allowing you to wind cables out of the way through the nodules on the business end. [Cablox via Link]

If you are creative enough, you might find something around the house that can serve as a basic cord wrangler. In this case, Wolverine Mighty Muggs toys decently handle small jobs. [Geeksugar via Link]

The Cordotz cable organising system goes beyond simple zip ties and coloured tape with candy-colored cordwraps, cordstraps and cordidentifiers. [Cordotz via Link]

This snake-like contraption conceals your cords and channels them down to the floor. [CableOrganizer]

Many of the workstation desks coming out these days have built-in cord management systems. The Swan Desk concept pictured here takes that idea a step further by allowing you to weave your cables through the desk in an artistic way. [Les Chics Types via Link]

Cablebox is a simple box with open slots that tucks away cords and power strips that would otherwise be lying in a heap on the floor. [Bluelounge via Link]

The Cable-Safe is basically a shelving system that you can neatly hang cords and power strips from. Aesthetics aren't addressed so much with this solution, but it will keep your cords off the floor. [CableOrganizer]

Inside the WireMate, users can wrap and fasten cords in place. After the cover is attached, the unit can be mounted anywhere that's convenient or out of sight. [CableOrganizer]

Why fight with power strips—all you need are more outlets. This extreme solution is only a concept, which is just as well considering that practicality and safety don't seem to factor into the design. [Ironic Sans via Link]

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