Sharp Aquos LED TVs Go Mainstream, But Where's The Local Dimming?

Sharp's jumping into the mainstream LED pool with Aquos LED (they had the pricier XS1). Sharp says theirs are better, since they make their own LEDs and are using a next-gen LCD substrate. But they don't use local dimming. WTF?

Yes, unlike Toshiba and even Vizio, these sets, while they use full-array backlighting (vs. edge-lit) they don't use local dimming, meaning the blacks probably aren't on par with those TVs, even if the X-Gen panel lets them align the pixels in amazing ways, as they claim.

Local dimming sets are coming in the future—as are edge-lit models, and ones with RGB LEDs like Sony's XBR8 for better colour, but these sets are the last ones Sharp is dropping this year, so we're talking CES 2010 before we see anything better. Here's the size price/breakdown:

• $US2799 for 52 inch • $US2199 for 46 inch • $US1699 for 40 inch • $US1099 for 32 inch

They look really classy in person, though, I'll give Sharp that much.

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