Samsung's 1GHz Chip May Come To Next Gen iPhone And Pre

Samsung and Intrinsity have announced one of the fastest low-power chip designs to date and are hinting that we may soon see iPhones and Pres running at a brisk 1GHz.

Code-named "Hummingbird," this new chip is designed with smartphones in mind as it balances power consumption and high clock speeds. The best part is that hints are flying about how easily this chip could be adjusted for the Apple of our eyes:

Samsung could drop Hummingbird into the existing S5PC100 design with few or no changes," Halfhill said in response to an e-mail query, referring to the S5PC100 processor now used in the iPhone 3GS. "Bingo! A next-gen iPhone that could run at speeds up to 1.0GHz," he said.

Will we soon be playing with iPhones and Pres running 1 GHz? Or will they be limited by design? I just know that my heart rate matches a hummingbird's at the thought of a 3G S(uper) S(peedy). [CNET]

Photo by William Hook

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