Rumour: Windows 7 Family Pack Will Offer Three Licenses For $137

Prices for the Windows 7 Family Pack have apparently leaked, according to ZDNet, and the multi-user bundle will net you three copies of Windows 7 for $US137. Also revealed were prices for the Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade products.

These prices aren't 100 percent confirmed, and no one knows certain when these products will ship. But the speculation is that upgrading from Windows 7 Starter to Windows 7 Home Premium will cost $US82, while upgrading from Home Premium to Professional or Ultimate will cost $US91 or $US138, respectively.

Is your head spinning yet? Good. Because you should also know that Microsoft plans to run a pre-release promotion to lower both the Home Premium and Ultimate upgrade prices to $US49 and $US99, respectively. OK, done. Phew. [ZDNet via Electronista]

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